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By | April 9, 2023

Today we’re talking about Muqeem arrival registration for 72 hours in advance and How can I request to cancel Muqeem registration. Check out the below-mentioned information to obtain Registration form.

Muqeem vaccination is now required for all travelers who travel towards Saudi Arabia. According to the circular released by the General Directorate of Jawazat (saudi immigration department). If you’re planning to travel or visiting, as well as those who are new to patients who have been vaccinated are obliged to record their vaccination status. vaccine registration online

Muqeem Arrival Registration

There are many applicants that are searching at Muqeem Arrival. Saudi authorities have lifted restrictions on travel on certain categories of travelers from countries that are banned. If you’re on the list of countries banned that are governed by Saudi Arabia then, muqeem registration is mandatory. There are three kinds of registration requirements. The first one is the PCR test, then Muqeem Registration and health disclaimer forms.

To complete Muqeem registration within 72 hours of arrival, a dedicated portal has been launched to KSA visa holders who are currently in KSA or are in their the home country or in a third. They must complete Muqeem registration.

Everyone who is travelling towards Saudi Arabia need to complete their registration. To complete registration, the applicant has fill in all required details and documents when they register. registration.

Muqeem arrival registration 72 hours eligibility requirements

There are some steps you need to meet, as detailed below.

  • Anyone who is planning to travel in Saudi Arabia needs to come with PCR Test.
  • Muqeem arrival registration for 72 hours in advance. The registration time is not shorter than 72 hours. This means that you have to complete an online registration 72 hours prior to your arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • The vaccination must be registered on the Qudoom platform at least 72 hours prior to arrival in the kingdom, so that they can make sure they have the appropriate vaccine within the country.

Muqeem arrival registration 72 hours at

If you’re looking to complete you Muqeem registration, follow the below-described application process.

  • The first applicant must visit the the official web site.
  • All applicants must be fully Vaccinated is able to register at the official portal.
  • The exemption for vaccination is only available to excluded groups.
  • Register your details and complete the registration.

How can I Cancel Muqeem registration for arrival?

There are some simple steps that described below.

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Hamraaz App Login

  • Go to the official website.
  • On the homepage Select “cancel Muqeem arrival registration”.
  • A new web page is will be displayed in your browser.
  • Enter the address number.
  • Information about your Resident will appear in your display.
  • Click on to cancel Visa after which you can confirm.

FAQs at vaccine registration online

What is Muqeem sa vaccine registration online?

Muqeem vaccination is now required for all travelers who travel towards Saudi Arabia

How can I Make Muqeem arrival registration 72 hours?

complete details about registration discussed in above article.

What is the direct link of vaccine registration online? vaccine registration online can be completed from official website.

Hope this information is valuable for you, in case you have any query or question then ask us in comment section.

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