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FAME 2 SCHEME ONLINE FORM: In time as we see price of petrol diesel are going high also its pollution involves in global warming Govt of india introduced project named as FAME which is an part of national electric mobility mission plan. To get details about this FAME subsidy yojana ,its application procedure, eligibility criteria, benefits and FAME phase 2 subsidy vehicle list 2023. All data are in this article. lets us check the various features, objectives of the scheme introduced by department of the Govt of india. As we all know the purpose of this scheme is to low the air pollution caused by vechiles.to low or to cut the emission Govt has introduced this scheme.

what is fame 2 scheme?

FAME 2 Subsidy Vehicle List
  • AS reports the 1st phase/trial of this scheme is done by govt.Now the 2nd phase/trial is going to start under some cities of india like GOA CHANDIGARH MAHARASHTRA KERALA TAMILNADU GUJRAT
  • 241 charging stations are also installed on these cities roads. These stations will help in development of electric vechiles.Too many stations much need to installed to overcome shortage of charging stations.
  • Govt of india decided to spent much budget on this scheme helps in lower the emission contributing to greener india mission.
  • As in metro cities the major concern is air pollution from vehicles so govt take necessary steps to overcome from pollution.

FAME 2 Subsidy for vehicle and benefits of this scheme:

as we see in some cities electric buese electric rickshaws bikes are on roads.but govt boosts the using of these electric vechiles instead of petrol and diesel for pollution free india. By this subsidy govt plans 7000 E-buses, 5 lakh three wheelers 55000E-four vechiles cars,10 lakh E-two wheelers.These are set to change the mindset of driving petrol and diesel vechiles as they pollutes too much and costly to middle class people pocket.There will be to many charging stations are going to install.

this scheme gives benefits to the middle class family working people those having of dreams of buying two wheelers four wheelers. This scheme helps or boosting renewable sources of energy as well as helps in lowering the air pollution level in air.

Pashu Shed Yojana Application form

Online application Process of FAME 2 scheme

in this topic you will get the whole process of this scheme and how to apply for this scheme

To get the benefits of this scheme applicants are advised to check the application procedure as mentioned by Ministry of Heavy industries and public enterprises.

  • firstly see the lists of OEM and DEALERS–
  • kindly visit the official portal of the ministry of heavy industries & public enterprises.
  • Then at homepage click on the OEM and DEALERS.
  • check on the FAME 2 depository-check the official web link of this department.
  • click on FAME 2 depository, in this it has list containing the document name, date and download format on the screen.
  • applicant also send feedback before enter asked details like category,process,name,email,mobile number .

click on the continue button and send the feedback

for any type of helpline

FAME 2 Helpline

  • email id : fame.india@gov.in
  • helpline number: 011 23063633,23061854.23063733.

FAQs at FAME 2 Subsidy Vehicle List

What is FAME 2 Subsidy scheme?

this scheme aims at supporting the electrification of public and shared transportation: around 7,000 electric and hybrid buses.

How to check FAME 2 Subsidy Vehicle List?

complete details mentioned above.

Conclusion: I hope you will get complete information about FAME 2 Subsidy Vehicle List 2023. For more updates stay in touch with us and get latest updates.

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