Bigg Boss OTT 2 Contestants 2023 Fukra Insaan, puneet Superstar List

Hi everyone, is looking for Bigg boss ott 2 contestants fukra insaan, Bigg boss ott 2 contestants puneet superstar, then this article is for you. Finally the wait is over for bigg Boss ott season 2 now you can check all the contestants and watch live on voot app. The show is all set to premier last night and this time Salman Khan will make his debut on ott by hosting the show.

This time there are many famous contestants are in bigg Boss house. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan welcome all the contestants for Bigg Boss ott season 2. You can also watch Bigg Boss ott season 2 on jio cinema for 24 hours.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestants List 2023

You can check the following contestants selected for Bigg Boss ott season 2:

Falaq Naaz : Falak Naaz gives a powerful intro and the first contestant to enter the Bigg Boss house. Falaknaz is the sister of actor Sheezan khan who was accused in tunisha sharma suicide case.

Bigg boss ott 2 contestants fukra insaan

Fukra Insaan (abhishek Malhan) : Popular youtuber Abhishek Malhan Tu enter Bigg Boss voting house. Present a blog in his introduction video fukra insan akka Insaan is confident enough to face all the hurdles. Fukra Insaan, who is a very popular YouTuber was the third contestant, and he is one of the most popular personalities for BB OTT. It looks like he got off on the wrong start with the other contestant especially Jiya Shankar, and even got into a bit of a fight.

  • Manisha Rani
  • Aaliya Siddiqui
  • Palak Purwani
  • Akansha Puri

Pooja Bhatt: For Bigg Boss OTD season 2 Pooja Bhatt is all set to enter the house. Pooja Bhatt meet Salman Khan on the set of Bigg Boss OTD season 2 in a stunning black saree. Salman Khan also reveals new rules twist and turns for Bigg Boss ott.

Avinash Sachdev: TV actor Avinash Sachdev powerful performance on Bigg Boss ott stage. He is a best non for his role in Choti Bahu gives performance and light of the stage with his performance.

Bebika Dhurve: Bebika Dhurve janardan Swami’s daughter enter the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg boss ott 2 contestants puneet superstar

Bigg boss ott 2 contestants puneet superstar

Puneet Superstar has entered the BB OTT show, and Salman Khan couldn’t stop laughing while introducing Bigg boss ott 2 contestants puneet superstar. He was ranked #2 by audience by took the #10 slot from panelist.

Aaliya (nawazuddin siddiqui’s Ex wife): Nawazuddin Siddiqui ex wife Aliya gives a strong intro, and to show world who she is and is here to clean her image. He openly talks about Nawazuddin Siddiqui and says that he is supportive, also says that he is taking both the kids to the Paris, while she will be at BB OTT.

JAD Hadid: JAD Hadid enters Bigg Boss ott season 2 stage, and rock the stage with his powerful performance.

Manisha Rani: Manisha Rani Tik Tok star influencer is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house. She also she is a shayari for Salman Khan is a full entertainment package. Manisha Rani belongs to Bihar and the people are distributing her templates there causes with Salman Khan while hugging him for the cameras.

Cyrus Broacha: For Bigg Boss ott season 2 TV anchor theater personality comedian, political satirist, podcaster and author Cyrus Broacha performs on Kisi ka bhai Kisi Ka Jaan song before entering the Bigg Boss house. Also shares the Lungi Dance with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss voting stage Salman has a fun with Cyrus and his family.

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Bigg boss ott Season 2 Host

As we all know that, of Bigg Boss ott hosted by Karan Johar. Due to some commitments Karan Johar is not available to continue hosting of Bigg Boss ott season 2. Everyone’s favourite Salman Khan started the brand new season with a bank. During the premier Salman Khan looks cool in blue nM jeans and navy blue t-shirt school jacket with silver studs.

Bigg boss ott 2 Live at jio cinema

For this season Bigg Boss ott promo and panelist call out contestants. You can watch Bigg Boss ott at jio cinema.


Who is Bigg boss ott 2 contestants puneet superstar?

The famous puneet superstar entered the bigg boss house (BB OTT), you must watch his videos and memes on social media.

Who is Bigg boss ott 2 contestants fukra insaan?

Bigg boss ott 2 contestants fukra insaan is a famous youtuber and famous personality.

Where to watch BB OTT season 2?

You can watch BB OTT season 2 on jio-cinema.

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