(ABS) Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2023 apply online, Application Form PDF, Last Date

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2023, Application Form PDF, Last Date, Online Application and Benefits of Assam, Main objectives, interest rates, eligibility requirements.

The Assam State Government has always been dedicated to the well-being of its residents, and it continues to boost its efforts to assist state employees yet again. Under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, a visionary scheme called “Apun Bahan Yojana” is being launched in 2023. This unique initiative aims to provide state government employees with the opportunity to own a vehicle of their choice with attractive interest subsidies on vehicle loans.

The unique initiative aims to provide financial assistance and interest subvention to the state government employees for purchasing vehicles.

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme

Assam apun bahan scheme apply online

Apun Bahan Yojana Registration for the year 2023 has been made accessible to all eligible state government employees. The scheme encourages employees to own vehicles and offers interest subvention on vehicle loans, making it more affordable for them to realize this dream. The registration process is easy and can be completed online or offline, providing convenient options for applicants.

Topic name  Apun Bahan Scheme
  Year  2023
  State  Assam
  Launched by  Assam Government
  Launched on  2nd August 2023
  Beneficiaries  Government employees of Assam
  Main Objective  Providing a loan for buying a vehicle
  Total Amount  Rs 2,50,000
  Interest rate At 2% for diesel or petrol vehicles, and 3% for electric vehicles
  Total budget  for scheme  Rs 108 Cr.
  Budget for the vehicle loan scheme  Rs 12 cr.

Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2023 Apply Online

The Assam Apun Bahan Scheme allows employees to apply for interest subvention online, streamlining the application process. Through the official website (yet to be launched), applicants can submit their details, necessary documents, and apply for the scheme with ease. The scheme offers varying interest subventions based on the type of vehicle and the gender of the employee, making it more inclusive and rewarding for different sections of the workforce.

Apun Bahan Scheme 2023

The Apun Bahan Scheme aims to provide support to state government employees in their pursuit of purchasing a vehicle. Employees can pick between a petrol, diesel, or electric car based on their tastes and needs. To ease interest subvention on car loans, the state government has partnered with commercial banks, Assam Cooperative Apex Banks, and State Regional Rural Banks under the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Details of Apun Bahan Yojana Interest Subversion

The interest subvention rates under the Apun Bahan Yojana differ based on the gender and type of vehicle chosen by the employees. Male employees opting for gasoline or diesel vehicles will receive a 2% interest subvention on their loan amount. However, if male employees choose electric vehicles, the interest subvention rate increases to 3%. On the other hand, female employees and differently-abled individuals will receive a 3% interest subvention regardless of the type of vehicle they choose.

Apun Bahan scheme Main Objective

The primary objective of the Apun Bahan Yojana is to cater to the transportation needs of state government employees. By providing interest subvention on vehicle loans, the scheme aims to empower employees to own a personal vehicle conveniently. This not only enhances the ease of commute but also promotes punctuality and employee satisfaction. Additionally, the scheme promotes electric vehicles, aligning with the state’s goal of fostering a greener and sustainable environment.

Quick Look – Apun Bahan Scheme 2023

Scheme Name Apun Bahan Scheme (ABS)
Launched By CM Himanta Biswa Sarma
State Assam
Beneficiary State Government Employees
Interest Subsidy 2% to 3%
Mode of Application Online/Offline
Official Website Will be Launched Soon

Benefits and Features of Apun Bahan Scheme (ABS) Assam

The Apun Bahan Scheme offers several benefits and features to state government employees, making it an attractive proposition for vehicle ownership:

Vehicle Ownership:

The scheme enables employees to own a new vehicle, enhancing their mobility and convenience.

Flexibility of Choice:

Employees can choose from petrol, diesel, or electric vehicles based on their preferences and priorities.

Interest Subvention:

The scheme provides interest subvention on vehicle loans, reducing the financial burden on employees and making vehicle ownership more affordable.

Categorization of Benefits:

The scheme categorizes benefits based on gender, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees.

Loan Amount Eligibility:

Employees can avail loans up to 15 Lakhs or 48 times their monthly salary, whichever is lesser.

Promoting Green Environment:

Encouraging electric vehicles indirectly supports environmental conservation efforts.

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Apun Bahan Scheme Eligibility

To be eligible for the Apun Bahan Scheme, applicants must fulfill certain criteria:

1. Assam State Employees: Only employees working for the Assam State Government are eligible to apply for the scheme.

2. Proof of Residence: Applicants must possess valid proof of residence within Assam.

3. Age Criteria: The applicant’s age should be between 21 to 53 years.

4. Repayment Period: It is below 7 years and falls within the service period of the applicant.

5. Loan Amount Limit: Applicants can avail loans up to 15 Lakhs or 48 times their monthly salary, whichever is less.

Documents Required

To apply for the Apun Bahan Scheme online, applicants must gather the following documents:

  • Residence Proof:
  • Age Certificate: 
  • Employee ID Card: 
  • Bank Statement: 
  • Monthly Salary Slip: 
  • Cancelled Cheque:
  • Aadhaar Card:
  • Passport Size Photograph: 
  • Mobile Number: 
  • PAN Card: 

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How to Apply Online for Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2023?

While the official website for online applications is yet to be launched, the following steps can guide applicants through the process when the website becomes available:

  • Visit the Official Web Portal (to be announced).
  • On the Home Page, click on “Apply Online.”
  • Fill in the Application Form with required details such as Name, Employee ID Number, Mobile Number, etc.
  • Upload the necessary documents as specified.
  • Click on the Submit Button to complete the application process.
  • Applicants can also choose the offline mode for application submission if desired.

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Helpline Number for Assam Apun Bahan Scheme

Though the official helpline number for the Apun Bahan Scheme is not yet available, applicants can stay informed about updates and clarifications through WhatsApp or Telegram groups, where the state government often releases relevant information.


The Apun Bahan Yojana is a remarkable initiative by the Assam State Government to empower its employees with vehicle ownership. By providing interest subvention on vehicle loans and promoting green transport options, the scheme aims to enhance the convenience, safety, and punctuality of state government employees. This unique opportunity not only fulfills the aspirations of employees but also contributes to the state’s vision of a sustainable future.

FAQs Assam Apun Bahan Scheme 2023

Q: What is the Apun Bahan Yojana?

A: The Apun Bahan is a scheme that offers interest subvention on the purchase of vehicles. It is exclusively available to State Government Employees of Assam. Eligible employees can receive a maximum of 3% interest subvention on their loan amount.

Q: How much interest subsidy is provided to Female Government Employees?

A: Female Government Employees are entitled to a 3% interest subsidy.

Q: If a male Government employee wants to purchase a Diesel Car, how much interest subsidy will they receive?

A: A male Government employee purchasing a Diesel Car will receive a 2% interest subsidy.

Q: Is their any Helpline Number for Assam Apun Bahan Scheme?

As of now, there is no Helpline Number for Assam Apun Bahan Yojana.

Q: Are there any Apun Bahan yojana Eligibility requirements?

Complete details about the eligibility requirements mentioned above.

Q: Where to complete the Assam apun bahan scheme apply online?

Ans: The applications are invited through online mode.

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